Empty Container Handler


Designed to help make quick work of stacking operations in port environments and storage yards, SANY’s SDCY90K6H4 features efficient controls that allow for fine-tuned movement with millimeter precision. The multi-motion linkage design allows for more efficient and rapid operations, and the operator-focused cab design places a focus on comfort and visibility to help improve safety and reduce fatigue. Each machine is also equipped with a hydraulic load-sensing system and dynamic power-matching control system that scales performance to the load and work conditions and reduces fuel costs.

  • Patented horizontal spreader slew technology makes aligning and lifting containers more convenient and faster, while reducing friction on tires and reducing fuel costs.
  • Lightweight design helps make the empty container loader nimble without sacrificing durability or performance.

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SANY Empty Container Handler

In the interest of continual equipment development, SANY America, Inc. reserves the right to change these specifications at any time without prior notification.