Reach Stacker


Built to provide performance, comfort and reliability, the SRSC45H4 reach stacker is already a trusted workhorse in European, Brazilian and Asian ports and storage yards. This model boasts a durable structure design to stand up to heavy loads and vibration and a reliable Cummins diesel engine that delivers the power needed to handle tough tasks. Built with efficient control technologies that help save on fuel costs while delivering power when it’s needed, the SRSC45H4 is designed with operator comfort and safety in mind with efficient, intuitive controls, anti-rollover protection and anti-collision technology.

  • Efficient control technology gives operators inching control during lifting operations with up to a millimeter of precision.
  • Hydraulic load-sensing system adjusts the pump displacement to match the load weight, improving efficiency and reducing energy waste.
  • Using laser scanning and graphic identification tech, these machines can stop automatically if a person or obstacle is detected while reversing.

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