SANY Wheel Loaders in Factory

SANY Delivers
More than Machines

A History of Growth

SANY Heavy Industries started in 1989 as a small welding supply company founded by four men who wanted to offer better products to the world. Over the last three decades, SANY has grown and evolved, and today stands as an $8 billion heavy equipment manufacturer with a presence in countries around the world, including global R&D and manufacturing facilities in India, Brazil, Germany and the newest $60 million U.S. facility on 272 acres in Peachtree City, Georgia.

SANY Forklift Truck Lifting Shipping Container

More than Machines

SANY America offers a range of heavy machinery, sells equipment through our expert Dealer Partner Network, and supports our full line of construction, port and material handling equipment. But that’s just the beginning. SANY offers the comprehensive service and support your work demands. And the personal touch that comes from a true partner in your business. And backs it all up with an industry-leading warranty to keep your equipment where it belongs: in the dirt making money, handling materials and cargo at the port, or moving soil and supplies across the worksite.

More Than Toughness
Equipment that Tackles any Job

SANY equipment delivers incredible durability, reliability and dependable uptime that companies around the world rely on, day in and day out. SANY machines come equipped with more features and capabilities that competitors charge extra for. Our machines offer an exceptional overall value, delivered standard with robust features – don’t pay more for the options you need to get the job done. Combined with a low cost of ownership and field-tested toughness and durability, it’s no surprise that SANY also offers the No. 1 selling excavator in the world.

In addition to our full line of excavators, you’ll find material handlers and forklift trucks, wheel loaders, port equipment and much more – all backed by the industry’s best warranty and built with components from the brands you know and trust like Kawasaki, Cummins, Rexroth and Isuzu. So, don’t ask whether you should get a SANY – ask why you haven’t gotten one before.

First Class Products

SANY is committed to building and supporting first-class products. SANY develops and extensively tests each new machine and constantly listens to customer feedback, working the requests into the next generation of equipment. We reinvest a portion of all sales back into our 20 R&D facilities globally, and applied for over 8,000 new patents in 2018 alone.

SANY Excavator Digging
SANY Mechanic Working on an Excavator

First Class Workers & Talent

SANY is committed to hiring, developing and training world-class talent. Our workforce is large, diverse and talented, and all of our staff is committed to meeting our core values, being easy to do business with, and creating a great experience for our customers.

First Class Contribution to Society

All over the world, SANY is committed to building and supporting local communities and effecting positive change. SANY does this by creating and funding initiatives that serve and improve local communities by creating jobs that matter.

SANY America Headquarters

Sany Timeline
A History of Progress

Tough Equipment for Tough Applications

Conquer Any Task

Precision-engineered and built with the highest-grade components, SANY equipment is designed for end-to-end reliability

#1 Manufacturer of Excavators

Guaranteed Tough

Backed by the world’s No. 1 hydraulic manufacturer, SANY excavators have the industry’s best warranty – 5 years, 5,000 hours.