The SCA4000A crawler crane, new for 2022 and the largest in our crawler crane fleet. provides a lifting capacity of 440 USt at 19.7 feet. Outlifting its competition by an average of 5-7%, this big brother to SANY’s SCA2600A, is well suited for wind farm maintenance, refinery and petrochemical plants, precast concrete panels, port cargo handling and general construction work where reach and capacity are critical. Quick and easy to assemble, the SCA4000A is outfitted with a wireless remote providing full functionality. The operator and ground crew will appreciate the portable hydraulic power unit taking the grunt work out of installing and removing boom connection pins.

No cramped cabs here. The spacious, tiltable Porsche cab was built with a focus on operator comfort and is one of the largest in the industry. It features ergonomics, class-leading A/C and heat, air-ride seats with seat interlock, and electric over hydraulic dual axis controls that are fully customizable to operator needs. The impressive LMI with two, large touchscreens provide more real-time information at the operator’s fingertips. The left screen displays function and status of controls, engine data, self-diagnostics and system pressures. The right screen displays working conditions such as ground bearing pressure, boom configuration, and swing angle. On the left side of the cab are the dual displays for the cameras so the operator can easily view critical working elements and the surrounding area.

  • More standard safety features than competitor models such as 3rd wrap indicator, full-length boom walkways, seat interlock, virtual wall and harness tie-offs
  • Cummins X12 C400 engine and other Tier 1 components
  • Wireless remote to allow operators to control assembly from the best vantage point
  • Built with intelligent technology—self-diagnoses issues from the LMI and provides detailed information down to the wire numbers
  • Easy to navigate, familiar, pictorial and intuitive LMI with two 13.6″, color touchscreen monitors
  • LMI working screens provide real-time ground bearing pressure, wind speed, radius, boom length and boom angle where graphics update based on configuration
  • Ease of maintenance including alerts for scheduled maintenance
  • Standard two-screen vision package including cameras on winches, swing, boom tip and rearview to increase operator visibility and awareness
  • Porsche designed 25° tiltable operator’s cab is built for safety, comfort and functionality with everything the operator needs right in front of them
  • Main and auxiliary hoists operate independently and with optional free fall and there are additional winches for luffing jib, reeving and super lift

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