Reach Stacker


The SRSC4535H4 reach stacker is built to improve efficiency and safety in your port operations and material handling jobs. This machine features an intelligent control that aids with vertical lifts, monitoring parameters in real time to improve overall safety. The dynamic power matching and hydraulic load sensing systems scale performance to match the demands of the load, while the reliable design of the structure helps it perform in the toughest conditions. Best of all, it’s backed by an industry-leading warranty for five years or 5,000 hours and supported by SANY’s global dealer network.

  • Efficient control technology gives operators inching control during lifting operations with up to a millimeter of precision.
  • Hydraulic load-sensing system adjusts the pump displacement to match the load weight, improving efficiency and reducing energy waste.
  • Using laser scanning and graphic identification tech, these machines can stop automatically if a person or obstacle is detected while reversing.

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SANY Reach Stacker