Drill Rigs


Fast winch speeds and auto return to center get you back on the hole faster so that you can optimize productivity throughout the day. Top that off with the safety features that abound like the blind side and backup cameras, cab protection screens, high visibility cab and counterweight and swing alert lights. Easy to transport so you can get the most out of the daylight, the SR125MV moves on a single truck and is ready to go to work when it arrives on site.

  • 10.4″ HD touchscreen display
  • Transports in a single load
  • Multi-functional drill rig
  • Automatic soil spin-off and shaking
  • Powerful Cummins engine

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*Friction kelly / inter-locking kelly depth
**Width when dismantling the cab bridge platform
***The higher location of boom
****The lower location of boom
*****The drilling depth is 20m when drilling diameter is 800-900mm. The drilling depth is 21.5m when drilling diameter is 500-700mm.