SANY Continues to Grow, Adds Over 50K Sq. Ft. to Manufacturing Floor

SANY Recently Added 51,000 Square Feet of Space to Its Manufacturing Floor

SANY is known for delivering More than Machines, and with the completion of a recent expansion project, the company will soon be delivering even more machines, as well.

SANY Plant Manager John SpiethTo accommodate increasing demand for its equipment, SANY has completed a three-week, $500,000 expansion project to create an additional 51,200 square feet of manufacturing space at the SANY headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The new space will allow for dramatic growth in manufacturing capabilities, says Plant Manager John Spieth.

“In mid-2019, we were assembling maybe four or five [SY215C excavators] per month. In January, we will be at 21 per month,” said Spieth. Over the next few weeks as additional assembly and production equipment is put in place, capabilities will further expand, allowing the facility to produce up to 45 SY215Cs a month, he added.

The new space is also allowing for more production lines to be added at the plant, said Spieth. Four additional mid-sized excavator lines, ranging in size from 15 to 40 metric tons, will all be assembled on new assembly lines in the added production space.

SANY is also continuing to grow, and is planning on further expanding its U.S. operations to meet the needs of American customers. Tom Cooper, director of manufacturing engineering at SANY, said that includes offering new types of machines in the coming months, with some of the space added as part of the expansion project meant to allow for future growth of new product lines.

Crews Work to Pour Concrete During SANY's Expansion Project

“We’ve got some exciting things on deck both later this year and in 2021,” said Cooper. Some of that includes new equipment that Cooper says will take center stage as part of SANY’s appearance at ConExpo 2020. He added that the new manufacturing space will help SANY stay ahead of expected demand for not just existing machine models, but these new additions to the SANY product line.

Cooper, who has spent 32 years in the manufacturing industry in a variety of roles with leading automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers, added that the existing assembly line will continue to be used to accommodate additional production needs and to increase manufacturing to meet both customer and dealer demand. It will also be used to handle pilot training builds and research and development projects at the Atlanta headquarters facility.

“The goal from the [SANY chairmen] is ‘Globalization by Localization,’ and that means we manufacture where we sell,” said Spieth. “With this expansion, we’ve dramatically increased manufacturing capabilities so we can continue to deliver excavators and other machines made right here in the USA for customers in the USA.”

A 35-year veteran of equipment manufacturing, with experience in nearly every aspect of design and engineering, production, quality control and safety, Spieth said this expansion not only shows that demand for SANY equipment is increasing, but also representative of SANY’s continued development and investment in the greater Atlanta area.

Poured Concrete Cures at SANY Headquarters in Georgia

SANY currently employs over 120 workers in all areas at the headquarters facility, including manufacturing, design, assembly, safety, sales, marketing and management. As a result of the expansion, SANY will be looking to hire talent to help in all areas at the plant.

“We will be doubling our assembly department,” said Spieth, “and it will grow all our supporting departments as well – production control, quality, purchasing, engineering, facilities, environmental and health and safety.”

Open positions are expected to include team members in each of the departments, as well as team and group leaders, purchasing specialists, and engineering roles in quality, processing, pilot (new product), production and supplier development. Those interested in team roles can apply through this link.  Become a member of the Talent Community and we will be reaching out as roles open up and are developed.

As SANY continues to grow in Peachtree City, it continues to hold fast to its three pillars – building First Class Products, developing a team of First Class Workers and Talent, and delivering a First Class Contribution to Society, not just through equipment, but by investing in the community and creating jobs that matter.

Cooper added, “Through this expansion and our new product lines coming soon, customers are sure to see that at SANY we’re More than Machines and we truly believe that Quality Changes the World.”