Loaded Container Handler


SANY’s SDCY410K3H4 loaded container handler is designed to handle the tough work of loading and unloading shipping containers in your port operations or storage yard facility. Capable of lifting more than 45 U.S. tons, this machine is available with a variety of container spreader connections to accommodate stackable and non-stackable containers from 20’ to 45’. Designed with safety features to prevent accidents and rollovers, the SDCY410K3H4 will help make your work easier, faster and more efficient.

  • Real-time color display in cab shows all operating parameters dynamically to give operator a complete view of all conditions.
  • Advanced hydraulic load-sensing technology optimizes the engine output with power demand, ensuring performance when needed and saves over 10% on fuel costs.

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SANY Loaded Container Handler


In the interest of continual equipment development, SANY America, Inc. reserves the right to change these specifications at any time without prior notification.