Overall Dimensions

Boom Length
5900mm19' 4"
Stick (Arm) Length
2950mm9' 8"
Transport Length
10290mm33' 9"
Transport Width
3390mm11' 1"
Transport Height
3255mm10' 8"
Upper Structure Width
3150mm10' 4"
Cab Height
Blade Height
Track Width (standard shoe)
Track Gauge
2590mm8' 6"
Ground Clearance (minimum)
Tail Swing Radius
3105mm10' 2"
Track Length on Ground
3830mm12' 7"
Track Length
4636mm15' 3"

Technical Specifications

Operating Weight
27000 kg59,525 lb
Ground Pressure
39.3 kPa5.7 psi
EngineCummins QSB 6.7T4F   
6.7 L408.9 in3
Gross Power
145 kW194.4 HP
HydraulicsPositive Flow Control with Pilot Control   
Main Hydraulic PumpAxial Piston - Variable Displacement   
Operating Flow (maximum)
520.0 L/min137.4 gal/min
Operating Pressure (maximum)
34.3 MPa4975 psi
Power Boost Pressure (maximum)
37.3 MPa5410 gal/min
Travel MotorAxial Piston with Park Brake   
Travel Pressure (maximum)
34.3 MPa4975 psi
Travel Speeds (maximum)
3.5 / 5.5 km/hr2.2 / 3.4 mph
Travel Effort (maximum)
227.0 kN51,032 lbf
Grade Capability35º   
Swing MotorAxial Piston with Swing Brake   
Swing Pressure (maximum)
27.5 MPa3989 psi
Swing Speed (maximum)10.6 rpm   
Undercarriage (standard)Steel Track   
Track Shoe Width (standard)
800 mm31"
Track Rollers (per side)9   
Carrier Rollers (per side)2   

Working Range

Boom Length
5900 mm19' 4"
Stick (Arm) Length
2950 mm9'8"
Maximum Digging Height
9740 mm31' 11"
Maximum Dumping Height
6715 mm22' 0"
Maximum Digging Depth
6706 mm22' 0"
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth
5675 mm18' 7"
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
10225 mm33' 7"
Minimum Swing Radius
3800 mm12' 6"