5 Reasons SANY Makes Sense for Municipalities

All Eyes on Infrastructure

As the U.S. emerges from the global pandemic and Americans look for signs of economic optimism, it’s safe to say that all eyes are on infrastructure. Literally and metaphorically, America is eyeing a road to relief.

America’s road to relief includes a long list of proposed infrastructure projects. At the top of that list are roads, bridges, transit networks, ports and airports, many of which are the responsibility of municipalities. The same local governments that have been on the receiving end of declining tax revenue and budget cuts are now anticipating a “hurry up and get to work” period over which they have little control.

Unique Challenges

As the Manager of Municipal Sales at SANY, Tom Schanz understands the predicament that local governments find themselves in. “There’s a lot of eagerness and expectation with not a lot of resources,” says Schanz. “Which is why SANY is such a smart choice for municipal equipment.” Over and over, municipal customers relate the unique challenges they face with budgeting, personnel, scheduling and fleet management. While these may sound familiar to most industries, for municipalities, the constraints are often compounded by governance and public accountability.

The team at SANY has listened and responded with a line of precision-built motor graders, wheel loaders, rollers and excavators. According to Schanz, “SANY equipment is not only a fiscally responsible choice, it’s intentionally designed to deliver sustained ROI for our municipal customers.”

SANY Makes Sense

To see just what he means by this, check out the five key reasons why SANY equipment makes sense for municipalities.

  1. Compelling Acquisition Costs

All municipalities, no matter the size, face a lot of scrutiny over how they allocate funds. But equipment purchasing doesn’t have to be a struggle. “Over and over again,” says Schanz, “the feedback we get from municipal customers is that SANY was an easy solution.” SANY municipal equipment, including motor graders, wheel loaders, rollers and excavators, offers name brand major components and performance at a price point much lower than many other brands. That’s a point worth repeating. SANY offers the same performance and the same major components for less money.

  1. Competitive Parts and Serviceability

SANY equipment is Made for America, and this is particularly evident in the parts we use. SANY equipment is built with the same high-performance components (from brands like Cummins, Kawasaki and DanFoss) that are found in heavy equipment across the U.S. These parts are familiar to operators, easily maintained and easily serviced by SANY’s growing Dealer Partner network or other technicians. They also create a contrast between SANY equipment and that of leading manufacturers, one that clearly demonstrates SANY’s exceptional value.

  1. Secure, Industry-Leading Warranties

Many of the reasons why SANY equipment makes fiscal sense for municipalities can be traced back to value. That includes projected lifespan, durability and ownership costs. As municipalities invest in new equipment, it’s imperative that they understand what to expect. As such, many municipalities find that SANY’s industry-leading 3- and 5-year warranties, depending on which product line is of interest, are a clear indicator of future performance and service.

  1. Precision Performance

With all eyes on America’s infrastructure, municipalities will soon be facing pressure to ramp up and get to work quickly. The right equipment can help ease the process. Consider the speed with which municipalities can secure equipment, the ease that equipment can be matched with qualified operators and the overall capacity of the equipment to do that job. In each case, SANY equipment is the best choice. Not only is SANY the obvious financial choice, but also our equipment is easy to operate and precision-built to do specific jobs with utmost reliability and durability.

  1. Operator Accessibility and Onboarding

As municipalities look to expand their operations, the process of matching operators with equipment can be cumbersome, given the differing levels of individual job and equipment experience. With SANY equipment, operator onboarding is easy, regardless of whether the individual is new to the job, transitioning from other equipment or a municipal veteran. Precision-built SANY equipment prioritizes operator accessibility, satisfaction, safety and comfort, providing essential functionality without excessive technical enhancements.


See for Yourself

When it comes to providing services for local communities, there’s no better choice than SANY. See for yourself why SANY equipment is the best choice for your municipal needs. Contact your local dealer to learn more.