SANY Is Georgia Made

When you think of a startup, what do you imagine? Maybe you picture a bunch of 20-somethings in hoodies, slurping energy drinks from mega-cups and hunkered over laptops in an overly tight communal space. Perhaps you imagine a few polished business types, in tailored suits, networking over lattes and tablets in an urban coffee shop.

The odds are, however, that you probably aren’t envisioning a scenario that includes a 365,000 square foot assembly floor within a multi-million-dollar facility, the air humming with the patriotic sounds of country music, twangy Southern accents and a whole lot of laughter. You’re probably not thinking Peachtree City, GA, either. But on this the second annual Georgia Made Day-a day designated to celebrate the positive influence of manufacturing across the Peach State—we’re taking a reverse approach, celebrating our Georgia-based manufacturing teams and the impact they have on the evolution of SANY America.

Pioneering Spirit at Work
It may seem counterintuitive to think of the North America headquarters of SANY America as a “startup,” but you need only spend a little time with the manufacturing teams at work here to recognize a certain pioneering spirit. From the problem-solving mentality to the depth of professional expertise, from the personal investment to the continuous evolution of processes, the team at SANY is building more than construction equipment here in Georgia. They are building the SANY America culture, one machine at a time.

If you ever have the chance to tour the SANY facility in Peachtree City, GA, do not hesitate. It’s not only an impressive building—one that has been featured in several blockbuster films and which houses a massive, jaw-dropping SANY Transformer-style robot—it’s also where you’ll meet the teams that manufacture SANY equipment, the people who see themselves as the future of SANY regardless of how they came to be here. The depth and diversity of experience at SANY is downright impressive and includes both public and private entities across manufacturing, maritime, aerospace and military industries.

All bragging aside, however, it’s the way these teams talk about SANY that keeps the energy high and should inspire anyone to want “in” on the SANY brand that’s being built here in Peachtree City. From a corporate perspective, SANY is committed to maintaining a culture that prioritizes teams, quality and safety. But these aren’t simply corporate buzzwords. Ask anyone why they’re here, and they will quickly speak to the day-to-day satisfaction and motivation that come from working in a place that prioritizes workplace culture and teamwork over individual performance.

As Robbie Hegwood, SANY Operations and Facility Group Lead, puts it, “I have the privilege to work with a great group. We all understand that our collective success depends on the success of each team member. Every day, we work to ensure that opportunities exist for us to achieve personal, team and company goals. The greatest part of my job is watching my team grow and evolve.”

Manufacturing Evolution that Works
Evolution is a huge part of the process at SANY. It’s how the SY215 team has gone from producing four excavators a month to 24 a month in under a year. But the significant point here is not the 6x increase in productivity, it’s the fact that while productivity escalated, defects are being diminished. The reason for this is the SANY process, which begins with understanding the machine assembly, developing proficiencies and evolving efficiencies. Goals result from process, not the other way around.

Take the SY215 excavator, for example. SANY’s most popular excavator requires 4,400 parts and 15 technicians to assemble. From the first SY215 to the 100th machine that rolled off the line, these variables haven’t changed. What has changed is the experience, problem-solving and efficiencies gained by the team. By investing in the process and knowledge of its technicians and leaders, SANY has steadily grown its manufacturing capacity without sacrificing safety, quality or teams.

Homegrown Momentum
Currently, there are six models of heavy equipment produced in Georgia, with more on the way. That includes four sizes of excavators, a long-reach excavator and soon a telehandler. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that there’s real momentum happening at SANY, and it’s got a unique Georgia flavor to it. As SANY’s capacity has evolved, its team has grown, along with its investment in other Georgia-owned businesses. Shera Ramey, who leads SANY Supply Chain and Logistics, is dedicated to sourcing within Georgia wherever possible. For Shera, it’s as simple as, “When you think Georgia, think SANY.”

Whether it’s the music, the accents or the fun, hardworking teams, the spirit at SANY America feels very much rooted in Georgia. It’s a spirit you can experience every time you get behind the wheel of a piece of SANY equipment. The SANY-Georgia connection works both ways, after all. When you think Georgia, think SANY, and when you think SANY, think Georgia.

Make Your Own Connection
Get to know SANY America when you get behind the controls of a piece of SANY equipment. You’ll quickly come to appreciate that SANY is a brand worth investing in. Contact a SANY dealer near you to experience it for yourself. Of course, if you’re ever in Peachtree City, give us a call. We’d love to show you around.