Built for durability on the job site, SANY’s SCA2600A crawler crane provides a lifting capacity of 300 tons at 16.4 feet. It has a main boom of 302 feet and a maximum boom/fixed jib combination of 203 feet and 138 feet with a maximum boom/luffing jib combination of 203 feet and 207 feet.

  • Built with intelligent technology—self-diagnoses issues and provides solutions
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Porsche designed tiltable operator’s cab is built for safety, comfort, and functionality with everything the operator needs right in front of them
  • Main and auxiliary hoists operate independently with free fall
  • Wireless camera attaches to any boom tip being used for continuous visibility of the hook
  • No assist crane is needed. Outfitted with a self-assembly cylinder on the mast allowing easy, efficient assembly.
  • Comes with main boom, fixed jib and a luffer

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In the interest of continual equipment development, SANY America, Inc. reserves the right to change these specifications at any time without prior notification.