Job Stories

Job Stories

SY365 Operator Feedback Type : Job Stories Date of Release : Apr 25, 2016


SY365 Operator Feedback

 Tim McKenna from Irontrac interviewed operators of their new SY365 rental unit.  Here is what they said:

Mark - "It was like running a sports car; fast response times, high flows on the hydraulics, balanced well for high production."

Randy - "I like the slow speed on the controls for fine grading the bottom of the trench, good hydraulic response, liked the machine."

University of Pikeville Rock Type : Job Stories Date of Release : Jul 26, 2016

SANY dealer, Newman Tractor, provided SANY excavators for a job at the University of Pikeville, Kentucky. The sitework required the removal of 80 vertical feet of solid rock. Steve Lockhart with H2O Construction said, “the solid rock had to be removed by mechanical means only. There is no blasting allowed.” Three hammer mounted excavators were used on the project. “The SANY machines have moved a lot of rock in a short amount of time,” said Lockhart. The excavators have been running 6 days a week for 12 hours per day. There have been no issues with the SANY excavators. H2O construction is a happy customer and the University of Pikeville will have a beautiful new building soon.

SANY Heavy Energy Machinery CO., LTD. Type : Job Stories Date of Release : Aug 19, 2016

In 2008, SANY Group invested heavily to enter the renewable energy industry and in 2013 established SANY Heavy Energy Machinery Co., Ltd. The main businesses of SANY Heavy Energy Machinery are R&D, manufacturing and sales of wind turbines, wind resource investment and wind farm development.

 SANY Heavy Energy Machinery has a simple business structure - “two centers, two platforms, and diversification of investments.” Center #1 is in Beijing. It is the research and manufacturing center. Center #2 is in Changsha. It is the structural component processing center. Platform #1 is offshore wind power. Platform #2 is international sales. SANY has a wide range of renewable energy investments around the world.

 SANY is an international enterprise that manufactures turbines and blades in China. Adhering to the SANY concept of, “all for customers, all from innovation” and holding true to the Sany vision of, “Quality changes the world”, SANY Heavy Energy Machinery is determined to accomplish their goals in the renewable energy sector.

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