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Let SANY's compact, fully loaded machines help you expand your business.

We are looking for dealers to join their ever-expanding network. Think you have what it takes to diversify your business and tap into a huge market for compact machines? Join SANY's dealer network today and learn how SANY's compact machines pack a punch for your customers and bring you the bucks.

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Ask any SANY dealer about their experience, and they’ll say that working with SANY is unlike any relationship they’ve had with another manufacturer. Our dealers are a respected, valued part of our company, and it shows. We actively listen to our dealers, working hard to understand their needs and provide tools and services to support their business. SANY works to deliver reliability and performance to our customers and our dealers with equipment known for performance, competitive pricing and an industry-leading, five-year/5,000-hour warranty.

When you become a SANY dealer, you can take pride in providing your customers with the best equipment at a great cost.

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To provide peace of mind and ensure maximum uptime, SANY backs all its equipment with the industry‘s best standard warranties.