SANY to Introduce New Excavator Models at ConExpo

SY155 Excavator

SANY America is growing its family of excavators in 2020, bringing more machines that deliver the power, performance and capabilities needed to tackle the toughest jobs. With two new excavator models making their debut at ConExpo 2020 – and even more planned – there are more reasons than ever to discover how SANY delivers More than Machines.

Growing the Midsized Excavator Market

Midsized equipment has become more and more popular for use in commercial and industrial material handling, rental, forestry and agriculture applications in the past few years. And that’s included a big increase in interest in SANY’s medium excavator lineup. In fact, according to EDA data, the SY215C represented nearly 8 percent of all midsized (21-24 metric ton) excavators sold to independent rental companies. In the larger 24-28 metric ton category, the SY265C was the excavator of choice for over 9.5 percent of industrial and commercial material handling buyers, more than 9 percent of independent rental company clients, and over 6 percent of agricultural customers.

With such a surge in the midsized market, SANY is looking to offer customers even more versatility with two new medium excavators being unveiled at ConExpo 2020 – the SY155U and SY225C.

SY155U Short Radius Excavator

The SY155U is a short-radius excavator that delivers performance and versatility for those in the market for a medium-sized excavator at the lower end of the midsized market. Powered by a 105-horsepower engine and weighing in at 35,274 pounds, the SY155U offers a nearly 18-foot dig depth capability and a 27’ 4” overall maximum reach while offering a minimal tailswing. Plus, with a bucket breakout rated for 23,155 pounds, this new SANY excavator is a great option for moving materials around any narrow or confined jobsite, as well as in shipping yards or agricultural operations.

SY155U Excavator“As construction sites continue to get tighter and as work in metro areas and cities gets narrower, short-radius excavators have become a more popular and in-demand item,” said Ben Miller, Vice President of Sales – Construction Equipment for SANY America.

By engineering the SY155U to have a minimal tailswing, it is purpose built for work in between buildings and in crowded urban construction environments. It’s also ideal for roadside contractors and companies working on road repair or construction projects. With the smaller footprint and tighter range of motion, the SY155U can get the job done in locations where local restrictions call for minimal or no road or lane closures. This means the SY155U is certain to be a popular choice for road crews working on culverts and bridge repairs or urban roadway improvements, added Miller.

SY225C Medium Excavator

The second new excavator, the SY225C, fills in the gap between SANY’s existing SY215C and SY265C. This new workhorse offers 164 horsepower with a 54,013-pound operating weight, and is ready to tackle a variety of different jobs. With a 21.5-foot dig depth and max reach of 33’10”, plus a 28,551-pound bucket breakout rating, this excavator is built to dig, lift and move a variety of materials.

SY225 Excavator“The SY225C really fills a need in between the SY215C and SY265C,” said Miller. “The new SY225C offers a more stable undercarriage, a greater counterweight to handle a wider range of attachments and additional hydraulic lines – including the quick coupler connection – that make it much more versatile in the field and easy to switch from something like a bucket to a hammer without the need to pound pins.”

With an exceptionally versatile range of capabilities, the SY225C is a particularly excellent addition to the SANY product line for both general contractors and for rental fleet owners. The SY225C ships standard with auxiliary hydraulic lines down the boom as well as the quick coupler connection, which means owners can quickly change attachments on the SY225C to meet the different needs of any job or different rental customer requirements. In addition, the SY225C is the third SANY excavator model that is produced right here in the United States at the SANY America headquarters in Georgia.

New Excavator Features and Benefits

Both medium excavators offer a suite of standard features, such as easy-to-access filters, in-display diagnostics to help increase productivity and uptime, and LED work lights to provide greater visibility in dark or nighttime operating conditions. In addition, both models also offer SANY’s quick coupler plumbing and pre-plumbed auxiliary lines to make connecting and controlling attachments quick and easy. Plus, each model uses components from well-known and trusted names in the heavy equipment industry, including Kawasaki main pumps and valves, Izuzu (SY155U) and Cummins (SY225C) engines. 

“The SY225C is the third excavator line now produced in Georgia, and we expect to bring manufacturing for the SY155U and even more products to our Atlanta headquarters by the end of 2020,” said Miller. “We’re also continuing to expand our range of excavators, and customers will see that even more models are planned later this year, into 2021 and beyond, allowing us to continue to show how SANY quality changes the world.”

SY225CLC Excavator

Our Product Family Is Growing – Grow with Us

SANY is growing to meet the needs of more and more customers, and has been ramping up production and developing these and other new equipment lines to keep up with demand. No matter what industry you work in, SANY has powerful, reliable equipment that can help you get the job done. Plus, when you invest in SANY excavators or wheel loaders, you also take advantage of SANY’s five-year, 5,000-hour warranty, delivering not just peace of mind, but also a lower overall cost of ownership.

Discover how things are different with SANY and learn how we deliver More than Machines. Visit us and see all the new equipment available at ConExpo 2020 – Booth #F7826 – or contact your local dealer today to learn more.