Save on Equipment with Financing, Tax Benefits

SANY Capital Excavators

If you’re looking to add a new SANY excavator, wheel loader or other piece of machinery to your fleet, one of the first steps is often securing financing to purchase the new equipment. Fortunately, SANY offers support and assistance for customers through SANY Capital USA.

Through its lending partners, SANY Capital helps dealers connect their customers with financing options making purchasing a new SANY machine easy and affordable. We spoke with Dean Waters, President of SANY Capital, and Michael Erwood, Manager of Business Development for SANY Capital, to learn more about how SANY’s financial arm helps deliver on SANY’s promise of More than Machines.

No Interest Financing Available Every Day

SANY Mini ExcavatorsOne of the biggest advantages SANY Capital offers qualifying customers is access to 0 percent interest financing on construction equipment at any time. Currently, SANY excavator purchases can qualify for rates as low as 0 percent for up to four years, while SANY wheel loader customers can receive no interest for up to two years.

“I am not aware of a more attractive financing program in the industry than the IN-SANY-T Finance Program we offer,” said Waters.

With no interest expense, every payment goes straight to the financed balance without any additional financing charges or fees, allowing buyers to pay off the balance of their new equipment faster. And, with the help of their new SANY equipment, SANY customers can get their work done more efficiently, driving up revenues and making their businesses more profitable.

Trusted Financing Partners

With nearly 40 combined years of experience in equipment financing and corporate lending, Waters and Erwood have put their expertise to work in identifying financing partners and negotiating agreements to provide these rates for SANY customers. In the United States, SANY Capital works with four third-party partners – LEAF Commercial Finance, Falcon Leasing, Key Equipment Finance, and U.S. Bank. Canadian customers can also take advantage of 0 percent financing through SANY Capital’s two partners in the provinces, CWB National Leasing and Meridian OneCap.

“Our financing partners are well-established and known names in the financial industry, giving us confidence in their capabilities and the ability to serve our customers’ needs,” added Waters. “They also are able to handle a wide range of financing requests, which gives our dealers access to lending partners who can assist customers with single-machine financing or purchasing an entire fleet of new units.”

Unbeatable Protection Included

On top of the incredible financing available, SANY equipment comes with the industry’s best warranty, making SANY an investment buyers can count on. SANY earthmoving equipment comes backed with a five-year, 5,000-hour warranty, giving you peace of mind your new excavator or wheel loader will deliver years of reliability and durability on the job site.

Pair Financing with Tax Incentives

SANY SW405K Wheel LoaderAs we move into the final weeks of 2019, another factor to consider if you’re in the market for new equipment is end-of-year tax benefits. A common benefit for construction companies looking to invest in new machinery is the Section 179 deduction. This portion of the federal tax code allows for businesses to take an accelerated depreciation deduction on new equipment purchased during the tax year. That means a company can often write off the whole purchase price of eligible equipment, within the cap limits for the year.

For most businesses, accelerated depreciation can be taken on equipment up to an annual cap of $1 million. This can equate to substantial savings while helping make the purchase of new equipment more accessible for customers. Read more about what Section 179 is and how it works on or speak with your financial advisor to determine if the deduction is an option for your business.

Find Your New or Used Equipment Today

Your local SANY dealer can help you find the right SANY equipment for your toughest applications. Find a dealer near you today to shop new and used equipment to get flexible financing, powerful equipment and More than Machines with SANY and SANY Capital.